Week XV Classmate Interview- Matt Do

This week, I had my first real introductive conversation with Matt Do! I feel like I’ve seen him in this class so many times this year during our free time in the SOA Courtyard, but that’s because I recognize him from my Chemistry lab section last semester. I can still remember the first time I met him, which was at the beginning of this 2014-2015 school year.

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this, but I remember clearly the day a group of us stood awkwardly outside PH-1 Room 204 waiting for our TA, Serena Low, to arrive for class to begin. Matt must have been having an exceptionally bad day. He was leaning against a wall opposite of me with his head down low. Suddenly, one of our classmates (who was standing close to me on my left) said to everyone, “Hey! This guy seems like he needs a hug.” And just like that, everyone made their way over to give him an encouraging pat on the back.

There was this weird sense of unity built among all our classmates that day, and although Matt admits he was too upset to really appreciate his companions, he does remember how supporting these strangers around him were. He never mentioned what specifically was bothering him that day. Maybe it’s something he doesn’t want to bring up again, or maybe it was an in-the-moment kind of thing that is too insignificant now to remember. In any case, I’m glad Matt is doing much better! Keep up the dedication to chemistry!


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