Week XV Artist Interview- Ashley Roland

Ever since we were little kids, my younger brother had always been fascinated by dragons. He’s watch shows and play games that centered on themes of these mythical creatures. When he got older, he took an even stronger interest in Greek mythology and read numerous books on powerful gods and fantasy creatures.

I, on the other hand, was never interested in anything more than the decade-old cartoon, Dragon Tales. That show is, to this day, my extent of knowledge on mythical creatures. I’ve just never really been interested in them. But in this week’s art gallery, Ashely Roland created these five beautiful portraits of dragons in a fictional scene. Roland says that in addition to drawing characters, she also enjoys creating background stories for them. She has hopes to one day work in the visual development of video games, so best of luck to her!

Although I was not particularly fascinated by the topic of Roland’s drawings, her precision and detail work is outstanding nonetheless. I love how she blends her colors to make seamless transitions that add so much dimension to these animals and their landscapes. If Roland ever produces a fantasy video game, I would definitely buy it and show her my support! Best of luck!

Week 15


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