Week XIV Classmate Interview- Jessa Camago

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gotten very sick this semester from a variety of unrelated infections. I was out of school for nearly two months, fell behind in all of my classes, quit my job, and overall had to figure out how to play with this terrible hand I had been dealt. When I returned to my school, I had to have a very saddening talk with all of my professors about my futures in their classes.

Luckily for me, Professor Zucman was very understanding of my circumstances. First, he offered me an opportunity to drop Art 110 overall and have a chance to do better the next semester. Then, he also said that if I wanted to, I could make up the points somehow. He asked me for suggestions as to what steps I would like to take in order to earn some credit. I was very appreciative of how considerate and flexible he was. When we reached an agreement that I would make up my assignments from the six weeks that I had missed, he helped me get started immediately by introducing me to Jessa!

The beginning of our conversation was extremely awkward because Professor Zucman put us on the spot, but needless to say, Jessa was super sweet and we got along very quickly after the professor had left to talk to some other students. I told Jessa a little bit about what was going on with my school situation, since she had overheard the last part of my talk with Prof. Zucman. She was definitely a shy girl, but also definitely very compassionate! She offered to help me out with anything that I needed, and I was very appreciative of that. Thanks Jessa!

I love her makeup by the way. She’s such a beautiful person. I never mentioned this to her, but I’m always impressed by her notecards with Professor Zucman shows them to the class!! Keep it up!


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