Week XIV Artist Interview- Maritza Mungia

This week in the Gatov galleries, there was an exhibit of fifteen students art work. It was interesting because each student has their own style and some have already been profiled earlier in the year by our class.

Artist Yiren Kwak was explaining that this gallery was a group exhibition of fifteen artist, who are all friends. They help each other out with each other’s work by offering criticisms and ideas. The artists within the exhibit are related to a community working off of each other and growing together and as individuals that way. In the “real world,” not all artist are friends. So the program on campus allows the artists to be friends, yet they are harsh on the criticism to all help each other. Having the chance to talk with Yiren Kwan again, she still continues with same style, yet works on other projects, such as portraits and realism.

One particular piece of art that stood out to me, and undoubtedly to many others, was literally one that stood out of the wall. Maritza Mungia’s three dimensional sculpture of colorful swirls aims to display a product that steers away from blank canvas painting to create a new sense of drama. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the uniqueness that he was able to explore through a little creativity!

Week 14


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