Week XIII Artist Interview- Marty Knop

I’ve mentioned before in my blogs that I really enjoy abstract, geometric art that has colors and patterns, especially when they’re printed. And this week, Marty Knop’s gallery had nothing but exactly that.

In his artist statement, Knop says that he focuses on patterns and randomness. He creates his art through a computer program that uses algorithms to make mathematical patterns. This, he says, is the easy part. What’s difficult is creating “randomness,” because this isn’t something that a computer is programmed to do. Everything a computer does, whether it’s defined as “random” or not, is based on a mathematical formula. True randomness, Knop says, requires pure creativity from the artist.

With the balance of pattern and randomness that Knop achieved in these prints, he was able to create unique geometric shapes that he then colored with vibrant stripes and fine patterns. This seems to give the large posters dimension, even though they are undoubtedly two-dimensional. This kind of art is definitely a kind of statement piece I’d like to hang up in my living room when I have a home someday. It’d bold and tastefully playful, like everything else I look forward to!

Week 13


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