Week XII Classmate Interview- Mukesh Sehdev

This week I had a brief conversation with classmate Mukesh Sehdev! I had actually met him before at the very beginning of the semester during one of our first Thursday class periods. I remember him being very talkative, and to no surprise, he’s still his uniquely humorous self!

I sat down at his opposite end at the stone table behind all the art galleries. Mukesh was speaking with another girl when I had seated myself, working on my notecard, but he turned to address me as soon as he was out of his other conversation. He said he had recognized me from the beginning of the year when we had first met, but that he never got an opportunity to actually interview me. I was a little surprised that he had remembered me, so I was excited to speak with him again!

Mukesh was definitely still super talkative and is down-to-earth in a silly, quirky way. He was trying to explain to me that sometimes, the instructions for the assignments in this class are so vague that he’s left with so many questions that it drives him crazy! I interjected to say that I like how flexible Professor Zucman is, giving us the freedom to interpret the assignments in any way we want and to produce something so creative and uniquely ours. That’s what art is supposed to be like, in my opinion! “Art” is not a painting, a song, a movie, or a sculpture, but a creative process.

I thought that I had worded my expression of how I felt about Art 110 in a very understandable and agreeable way, but Mukesh looks at me with a puzzled, shifted eyebrows and his hands on his temples. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his animated character. Don’t worry Mukesh! Just have fun in this class like the rest of us, and you’ll do just fine!!


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