Week XII Activity- Algorithmic Art

First, some background information! My boyfriend likes to drive for Uber or for Lyft, which are kind of like rideshare programs, over the weekends to pick up a couple extra bucks. He basically gives people rides and gets paid for it! It’s kind of a new form of a taxi that is more easily accessible and much more inexpensive.

Last weekend, I had the perfect idea for my algorithmic art project. Sometimes, my boyfriend brings me along on his rides for company while we wait for someone to give us a call. Sometimes during the down time, we just drive around with no real destination. I used this to my advantage this week.

Here are the instructions to create some interesting abstract artwork:

1.) Turn on driver mode for Lyft or Uber.

2.) Print out a map of the city you’re in.

3.) Make a point where you’re starting.

4.) Pick a colored pen, marker, or pencil and mark trace the route from your starting destination to your first pickup.

5.) Use the same color to trace the route from that first pickup location to their drop-off location,

6.) Use a new color and start the route from the last drop-off location to the new pickup location, and then sketch from that pickup location to the second drop-off location.

7.) Repeat step 6 until you’re at the end of your shift.

What you end up with is a really colorful geometric image, especially if you take a lot of local streets, which tend to be more cornered off than smooth like highways and freeways.

As an alternative, you could instead drive around the city with a friend and go to some of your favorite places or places where you’ve had some interesting memories. This could make for a really fun date night!


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