Week XI Classmate Interview- Heather Hopkins

I’ve talked to Heather a couple of times before in this class and in an English Written Communication class we shared last semester with Professor Boak Ferris, but this is the first time we suggested interviewing each other! I’ve always been really impressed by Heather because she’s so beautiful and poised, but she’s just as equally free-spirited and quirky!!

The first thing we talked about was how unconventional our English class last semester was. The class itself was very unorganized, and there wasn’t much “work” (we expected a lot of essay writing, as it was a written communication class afterall). Although some students might argue that Professor Zucman’s art class is the same way, Heather and I strongly disagreed. We both made the point that in Art 110, we might not learn too much about art, but we have an outlet to express our creativity and, in turn, explore ourselves. The flexibility of this course provides an opportunity to grow and learn lifelong skills that extend way beyond traditional art.

On the other hand, our English class was so limited. We had time in class to communicate with each other and start to get comfortable with our classmates, but during lectures, our professor would limit us to his single way of thought. We had little room for discussion about the topic highlighted that day, and not only did that make class meetings extremely dull, we were unable to take away much from it by the end of the semester.

I’m glad Heather and I were able to have this little rant about the value of classes here at Cal State Long Beach. It’s interesting to me how our standards mostly line up with each other. I’m glad she also strives to discover herself and her passions through her education here, so best of luck to the both of us!! Cheers!


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