Week XI Activity- Sculpture

This week, I wasn’t able to go to the beach because I was ordered to stay in bed until I recovered from a severe lung infection. So instead of being able to go to the beach with my friends and playing with plaster molds, I had to opt for something a little less exciting.

The first thing I did was ran out to Home Depot to get a carton of Plaster of Paris. Then I went across the street to a sketchy park to steal a bucket of sand from the volleyball court. This was a huge mistake…

I wasn’t allowed to go to the beach, even to just get a bucket full of sand, because it was cold and windy. My lungs weren’t doing so well at the time, but I figured some other sand would work out. I realized I was wrong there when I tried to mix the park sand with some water to make a paste that I could burry my foot or hand in. Instead of turning into that solid wet sand you find close to the water at the beach, my sand just turned into mud like it was just dirt instead of sand to begin with. I let this dry out and decided to try again the next day, but with less water.

Again, I just got some gloppy mud. It just had to do, so I proceeded to burry my hand inside while my friend mixed up a slurry of plaster. When I removed my hand, the mud just kind of sank instead of creating a hollow mold for the plaster to fill. My friend poured the plaster in as quickly as he could anyway, and we went inside to wait while it dried.

About an hour later, we tried to pull the plaster cast outside of our “sand,” but that was an absolute fail. We expected it to come out like in the videos from last year’s art students at the beach, but because we used this mud goo instead of real sand, the plaster just got stuck inside. The mud goo solidified into a cylindrical block. We turned the bucket over to try to dig out the plaster cast from the other side, and what we found was really just a cone instead of any representation of a hand. I guess when I pulled my hand out of the sand, or mud goo, it caved immediately, and the plaster really only filled the portion of my arm as I pulled it out.

What a disappointment. I’d definitely want to try this art project again, but with real sand. I’ve still got a bit of that plaster, so I’ll be sure to take it with me the next time I hit the beach!!


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