Week X Classmate Interview- Jasmine Barnum

When I think of Jasmine, I think of the girl with the brown-blonde haired high ponytail, the perfect eyeliner, he blue Victoria’s Secret PINK backpack, the hoodie, the skinny yoga pants, and the workout shoes. She pulls off this look better than anyone I know, and I could recognize her signature look from a mile away.

Jasmine was in my Chemistry lab section last semester, and speaking to her in this art class made us both think of what a horrible time we had in Chem 111A. That class was extremely difficult and painful, and we’re honestly not sure if anyone retained any of the information we had learned. I remember the two of us freaking out the morning before every lab report was due, wondering if we had done things right or totally wrong. Ah, the days.

Jasmine was bummed at first to share that she hadn’t done so well in the class, so she was unable to move onto Chem 111B this semester. I reassured her by letting her know that I ended up having to drop Chem 111B because I had missed so many class periods from being hospitalized. But not to worry, we’re not missing out on much- I’m sure of it!

She’s such a soft-spoken, sweet girl, and I hope we keep in touch even after this school year!


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