Week X Artist Interview- Kaclica Chhin

This week in the art galleries, I stepped into Kaclica Chhin’s exhibit of “private parts,” which was something definitely unexpected! Immediately to my left, there were little pictures labeled “masturbation” or “vagina,” and boy was it exciting!

Although I come from a very conservative family, I’ve become a very liberal person, and I’m very open to talking about health and sexuality. I’m definitely not bothered by images and sculptures of human genitalia and generally encourage discussion about the “taboo” of human sexuality that many Americans try to keep under wraps.

I think that many students were shocked to walk into Chhin’s gallery, but I imagine few were truly disturbed by it. Chhin admitted calmly that the sculpture she made here casted from her friends and family. She explained that the goal of her gallery was to make people feel less insecure about their bodies and feel more expressive about sexuality. I think it’s safe to say that she and I share a very similar perspective on how the world generally views human bodies and acts of bodily exploration as “dirty” when they’re natural processes. I feel a sense of second-hand pride that Chhin can loudly proclaim a need for a reevaluation of the way we view ourselves and the way we view others.

I hope Chhin continues to express this theme of human sexuality and share her artwork as a necessary eye-opener that is completely non-exploitative. Remember, satisfaction always brings him back!

Private parts


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