Week X Activity- Student Choice

Did anyone catch the Superbowl game from a few weeks ago?! All over the internet, Katy Perry fans cannot stop talking about her “Left Shark” and how incredibly lively and adorable he is. For those who didn’t tune in for the halftime show, Katy Perry’s performance included two background dancers dress in full-bodied shark costumes. And because it’s a non-stop trending topic, I decided to create my own costume for this week’s student choice activity.

The first thing I did was went to Walmart to pick out some fabric. I got blue and white for the shark’s body and belly, some fabric glue, some Velcro so I could slip in and out of this onsie easily, and a zipper. I then rushed home to get started.

The first thing I did was use a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants to outline the size of my onesie costume. Them I cut out all the appropriate measurements and used a machine to sew all the pieces together. I attached a zipper down the middle of the stomach to easily get in and out of the costume.

In the Katy Perry performance, her sharks had an excessively large head mask, which added to the playfulness of the costume. For obvious reason, it wouldn’t be very practical for me to construct a huge head mask, so I opted to attach a hood instead. I glued on some eyes on the sides and some triangular teeth at the opening of the hood to mimic a shark head, but that was the extent of what I was willing to create for my purposes.

End result: the most adorable onesie I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, I lost all the pictures of the construction of my costume, but if you Google the shark onesie that Hollister used to sell (they no long carry it, unfortunately), mine looks pretty similar to it, except mine is a vibrant blue and has covered feet and hands like pre-attached socks and mittens! At first I thought this would be stored away until this year’s Halloween, but realistically, I’ll be lounging around in the house in it pretty often.


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