Week IX Classmate Interview: Khoi Nguyen

Of all the people I’ve interviewed in this class for our weekly activities, Khoi is probably the one friend I’ve made that I’ve consistently talked to, even after the assignment. I thought it was interesting how he introduced himself as “Khoi, like the Koi fish.” So I followed by asking, “but with an ‘h,’ right?” To his surprise, I was right!

Khoi is a very common Vietnamese name. I don’t look at all Vietnamese, so I understand his shocking reaction when we found out I knew exactly what I was talking about. We talked for over half an hour about how Vietnamese culture differs from American culture, how heavily our families associate themselves with American culture, and the like. I generally like talking about my heritage, even though I consider myself to be “fully American.” Just because I don’t follow the same traditions and customs my parents do doesn’t mean they don’t sharing them sometimes!

It’s even more exciting to talk about those values with someone who truly understands them (and even practices them!). At the end of the day, Khoi and I hold very different viewpoints on the importance of family, among other things, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s super friendly and super helpful! I asked him a couple of questions about the week’s activity, and he explained as much as he could to me. He even followed up a couple days later, texting me to ask me if I had the completed the assignment or if I had any other questions. How thoughtful!

Khoi is a super lively guy, and we’ll definitely keep in touch! Talk to you soon!!


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