Week IX Artist Interview- Michael Rollins

Before I go into the artist interview for this week, I’d first like to mention that I’m generally not a fan of very abstract art. Surely I’ve seen some geometric printmaking and oil-painted canvases that I would want in my future home, but I’d generally prefer photographs or paintings of real-life objects.

Interestingly enough, a couple of very abstract paintings caught my eye this week in the art galleries. Michael Rollins’ two paintings are extremely vivid and playful. He explained that in his artwork, he wanted to express the importance of freedom. So in his paintings, he tries to emphasize the unique pairing of freedom and balance. He said that the brightness expresses freedom while the various paint consistencies and resulting textures served to maintain the balance.Blues (9)

Although Rollins didn’t particularly convince me into seeking out more abstract paintings and printmaking, I definitely appreciated his talk about how color can evoke emotion and life, which is why it’s necessary in art. I realized then that there really aren’t “forms of art” like paintings, movies, sculptures, and so on. Art in itself is a form of self-expression and is a creative process that artists, who can be absolutely anyone, use to explore any topic of their choice. I’m so thankful to have been taught this new perspective!


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