Week V Classmate Interview- Amber Luna

This week in the CSULB SOA Courtyard, I met Amber Luna! She’s a really sweet, friendly who is apparently a lot like me!


First we talked about our majors. I mentioned that I was a Biology major with hopes of following the medical pathway, but that I was also considering getting a Sociology minor because it’s always interested me. That when she said she was a Sociology major, so it’s super cool that we had that in common! She also asked me for some more details about the Kickstarter activity for this week, but I was unfortunately unable to help her. Then I asked her about the Week IV assignments (I was unable to do them because I had to take my brother-in-law to the emergency room and was caught up in that business for a few days), but then she couldn’t help me because she hadn’t done them either! What a coincidence.

Our commonalities are actually pretty funny to reflect on. I know I’m a responsible person, and I’m sure she is one, too. But we’re also the laid-back type, getting by without trying as hard as we should sometimes, but knowing what we want long-term and understanding that we have to start working a lot harder to get there. I hope she knows I’m always wishing the best for her! And have a happy 21st birthday this year, Amber!!


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