Week V Activity- Kickstarter Funding

This week, we were encouraged to surf around the Kickstarter site to explore all the projects that people from around the world have decided to share. I remember spending a lot of time scrolling through these projects with my brother and my cousin in the past couple of years, astonished by the wild imaginations of these creators.

One particular project that stood out to me from last summer was “Bunch O Balloons” from Tinnus Enterprises. Our family has a tradition of throwing over-the-top birthday parties in our backyard pool, but my brother and cousin and I would have to spend the entire night before hand-tying hundreds and hundreds of water balloons for the party the following morning. We dreamed about the ways we could make the balloon tying process easier, but never actually considered creating some kind of prototype.

Then, my friend sent me a a link to this Kickstarter project:
Bunch O Balloons

I was so amazed by this project! It took such a tedious task and made it so much more efficient. Then I realized that a lot of Kickstarter projects are not based off of extremely extraordinary ideas from extraordinary people- the team that created this balloon invention must have thought in the same ways my brother and I did.

The reason why I love Kickstarter is because the projects are extremely innovative. This week, for example, I was most fascinated by Beam, which is a mini-projector that can turn virtually any flat surface into an enlarged screen for media showings. Being a huge movie-junkie myself, I thought of Beam as an easy way to share videos and pictures with friends anywhere! These Kickstarter ideas are more likely than not, very common thoughts, but to make it a real, patented invention is very admirable!

Here is how compact and sleek the design of the Beam is:


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