Week III Classmate Interview- Pedro Morales

This week in the CSULB School of Arts Courtyard, I met Pedro Morales. We talked briefly about our career goals in terms of what we’re currently studying at Cal State Long Beach. I was immediately engaged when Pedro said that he wanted to change his major to study film. I remembered that I also had an underlying interest in film literature, so I decided to ask him more questions about it.

I was very impressed when he said that Fight Club¬†(1999) was one of his favorite movies. That movie has been on my list of Top 5’s for as long as I can remember, so I knew that his tastes were very similar to mine. I’ve always appreciated the film for it’s underlying darkness and it’s twisted plot. I think that quality in any movie makes it so much more raw, but in an innately human kind of way. I’ll never know if my friend Pedro felt the same way in this respect, but all that mattered in the moment was that he appreciated the same films I did, even if for different reasons.


Here’s a picture of Pedro and me! I’m genuinely surprised by how well we got along in the span of just twenty minutes. I mentioned briefly that my boyfriend was looking for a new car, and Pedro was reminded of a friend of his who was selling a cheap car. He said he’d contact me if he could get in contact with that seller again, so I really do hope he can help me out soon! Nonetheless, he was incredibly sweet and I’m glad to have met him this week!


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