Week III Artist Interview- Josh Benz

The Werby Gallery had a group show this week with artists displaying their sketches of art from the LGBT community. Josh Benz’s sketches and paintings stood out to me in particular because they were oddly symbolic of my nights out (or in with some friends). The way he drew himself in these paintings doesn’t suggest that he is having a lot of fun, but he does look very at ease, which closely resembles how I feel on my nights in.


This painting stood out to me immediately as I walked into the gallery because I could easily imagine myself in a scene like the one displayed. What I found most interesting were the stuffed animals in the background on the sofa (especially the shark!!). I can see myself in a similar position, staying up long past midnight, relaxing with a few beers with that one good friend.


This portrait is a lot more rustic than the former, but the man in the picture looks similarly satisfied with his life in an unconventional way. The way I interpret it, he doesn’t care much about what’s going on outside of the living room that he’s in. I really hope to be spending more nights like this one in the near future.


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