Week III Activity- Instagram

This week’s activity required us to post four pictures on Instagram documenting anything that we did that day. There really were no guidelines as to what we should post and when we should post them. The idea was to capture events in our lives either big or small and compare them to the events in our classmates’ lives to see how they differ or relate. Although I was excited at first to make my posts, I later became disappointed with the results.

Going into the project, I had hoped to make my posts extraordinary. I wanted to capture only the highlights of my day, though I was open to what those events might have been. I wanted to post only what people call “Instagram-worthy” photos, but it turns out, that takes a LOT more time than most people have. I thought “maybe I’ll post a picture of my food today,” but then I didn’t have much to eat. Then later I said “or I can post a picture of my cool chemistry lab!” but I was so busy trying to finish the lab that I didn’t get a chance to snap a shot of the most exciting part. In the end, my Instagram just had a few pictures of my treks across the CSULB campus and a throwback from a pool party the week before.

While looking through my classmates’ posts, I noticed that most of them also uploaded pictures of their time at school. It turned out to be a lot less exciting than I had imagined. Some people posted pictures of their nights out (it was college night after all!!), but the majority of the people showed off their classmate interview selfies.


This photo is by far my favorite because I was talking with both Mukesh and Heather when it was taken! Mukesh was a really sarcastic, funny guy to talk to, and Heather (whom I had known from an English class last semester), is incredibly friendly and sweet. I told Mukesh that if he agreed to take a selfie and post it on Instagram for his project, I’d write about it in my blog, so here’s to delivering that promise!


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