Week II Classmate Interview- Guillermo Vargas

This week at the CSULB School of Arts, Student Art Gallery, I met Guillermo Vargas while wandering around the Art Gallery Courtyard. At first, we were talking to Chase, one of the artists who created a painting called “Discovery Channel” at the Werby-Gallery. He shared with us that some other artists displayed in the same gallery had asked him to model for their paintings, and challenged us to locate all of them.

We entered the gallery and were immediately able to spot two submissions with very detailed, accurate recreations of Chase’s character. We then discussed the details of this week’s assignments, trying to help each other better understand the outline of the class and its necessary participation. I was very thankful when he clarified the requirements for a proficient score on our weekly Artist Interviews and Classmate Interviews. A few minutes later, we were joined by Matt and Scott, who were also coming in to take a look at the artwork in the Werby-Gallery.

First painting displayed in the Werby-Gallery
First painting displayed in the Werby-Gallery

The four of us talked briefly about this painting. I contributed to the conversation by sharing the emotions that I felt in response to imagining a scene in which an image like this might have been captured. I said that personally, I often have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness within myself during vacations (or simply when just spending time with friends), at different times throughout the duration of the excursion. We then quickly changed subjects and began talking about our majors, or areas of study, at CSULB.

Guillermo is currently a computer science major, but shared that he is also interested in the arts, especially in graphic design and creative work through online mediums. He was very reflective when he expressed his appreciation for the freedom for imagination in this class. He seemed so passionate talking about the limitless opportunities we have to explore ourselves through art this semester in Art 110. If there’s one thing he imparted on me, it’s to have a similar feeling of adventure and excitement as we begin to think about the world in different perspectives. I value his open-mindedness and hope to see him again soon.


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