Week II Artist Interview- Pilar Elizabeth

This week in the Dutzi Gallery, Pilar Elizabeth has opened a collaborative project to sew The American Flag. Her project is unique from many other artists because she has decided to begin with a blank canvas (literally), allowing the production and completion of the flag to be completely dependent on her participants.

Although Elizabeth’s core intent is to allow participants of the project to explore themes of American identity, she says that the actual content of the conversations exchanged are less important than the connections students build with among themselves. She believes that not having a clear set of instructions for the construction of the flag provides an opportunity for students to discuss the direction of the project. Not only does this spark creativity for anyone interested in joining the collaboration, but it also composes a unified team without placing restrictions on imagination among individuals.

Pilar Elizabeth Sewing Project

Off all the galleries open this week, Elizabeth’s project was the most fascinating to me simply because it was different from everyone else’s. I value her eagerness to share her artwork with others in a unique and innovative way. Additionally, she proves to her peers that art is more than just a drawing, a painting, or the like. Art also encompasses her vision of indivisibility, responsiveness, and unity. I look forward to seeing the display of the finished American Flag.


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