Week XV Classmate Interview- Matt Do

This week, I had my first real introductive conversation with Matt Do! I feel like I’ve seen him in this class so many times this year during our free time in the SOA Courtyard, but that’s because I recognize him from my Chemistry lab section last semester. I can still remember the first time I met him, which was at the beginning of this 2014-2015 school year.

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this, but I remember clearly the day a group of us stood awkwardly outside PH-1 Room 204 waiting for our TA, Serena Low, to arrive for class to begin. Matt must have been having an exceptionally bad day. He was leaning against a wall opposite of me with his head down low. Suddenly, one of our classmates (who was standing close to me on my left) said to everyone, “Hey! This guy seems like he needs a hug.” And just like that, everyone made their way over to give him an encouraging pat on the back.

There was this weird sense of unity built among all our classmates that day, and although Matt admits he was too upset to really appreciate his companions, he does remember how supporting these strangers around him were. He never mentioned what specifically was bothering him that day. Maybe it’s something he doesn’t want to bring up again, or maybe it was an in-the-moment kind of thing that is too insignificant now to remember. In any case, I’m glad Matt is doing much better! Keep up the dedication to chemistry!


Week XV Artist Interview- Ashley Roland

Ever since we were little kids, my younger brother had always been fascinated by dragons. He’s watch shows and play games that centered on themes of these mythical creatures. When he got older, he took an even stronger interest in Greek mythology and read numerous books on powerful gods and fantasy creatures.

I, on the other hand, was never interested in anything more than the decade-old cartoon, Dragon Tales. That show is, to this day, my extent of knowledge on mythical creatures. I’ve just never really been interested in them. But in this week’s art gallery, Ashely Roland created these five beautiful portraits of dragons in a fictional scene. Roland says that in addition to drawing characters, she also enjoys creating background stories for them. She has hopes to one day work in the visual development of video games, so best of luck to her!

Although I was not particularly fascinated by the topic of Roland’s drawings, her precision and detail work is outstanding nonetheless. I love how she blends her colors to make seamless transitions that add so much dimension to these animals and their landscapes. If Roland ever produces a fantasy video game, I would definitely buy it and show her my support! Best of luck!

Week 15

Week XIV Classmate Interview- Jessa Camago

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gotten very sick this semester from a variety of unrelated infections. I was out of school for nearly two months, fell behind in all of my classes, quit my job, and overall had to figure out how to play with this terrible hand I had been dealt. When I returned to my school, I had to have a very saddening talk with all of my professors about my futures in their classes.

Luckily for me, Professor Zucman was very understanding of my circumstances. First, he offered me an opportunity to drop Art 110 overall and have a chance to do better the next semester. Then, he also said that if I wanted to, I could make up the points somehow. He asked me for suggestions as to what steps I would like to take in order to earn some credit. I was very appreciative of how considerate and flexible he was. When we reached an agreement that I would make up my assignments from the six weeks that I had missed, he helped me get started immediately by introducing me to Jessa!

The beginning of our conversation was extremely awkward because Professor Zucman put us on the spot, but needless to say, Jessa was super sweet and we got along very quickly after the professor had left to talk to some other students. I told Jessa a little bit about what was going on with my school situation, since she had overheard the last part of my talk with Prof. Zucman. She was definitely a shy girl, but also definitely very compassionate! She offered to help me out with anything that I needed, and I was very appreciative of that. Thanks Jessa!

I love her makeup by the way. She’s such a beautiful person. I never mentioned this to her, but I’m always impressed by her notecards with Professor Zucman shows them to the class!! Keep it up!

Week XIV Artist Interview- Maritza Mungia

This week in the Gatov galleries, there was an exhibit of fifteen students art work. It was interesting because each student has their own style and some have already been profiled earlier in the year by our class.

Artist Yiren Kwak was explaining that this gallery was a group exhibition of fifteen artist, who are all friends. They help each other out with each other’s work by offering criticisms and ideas. The artists within the exhibit are related to a community working off of each other and growing together and as individuals that way. In the “real world,” not all artist are friends. So the program on campus allows the artists to be friends, yet they are harsh on the criticism to all help each other. Having the chance to talk with Yiren Kwan again, she still continues with same style, yet works on other projects, such as portraits and realism.

One particular piece of art that stood out to me, and undoubtedly to many others, was literally one that stood out of the wall. Maritza Mungia’s three dimensional sculpture of colorful swirls aims to display a product that steers away from blank canvas painting to create a new sense of drama. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the uniqueness that he was able to explore through a little creativity!

Week 14

Week XIII Classmate Interview- Darlene Nguyen

When I first met Darlene, she was talking to some other classmates about looking for a summer job. Since I had quit my job recently due to an extended period of bedrest, I was definitely interested in what she had to say.

When Darlene and I spoke one-on-one, she mentioned that she had been working at Forever 21 at The Block (in Orange) for a couple of years. I’ve never worked a job in retail, but I shop a ridiculous amount at Forever 21, and I thought that if I could have that much devotion as a customer, I’d surely be able to contribute to the corporation as an employee!

Darlene says that the managers there really take into consideration the people that their currently employees recommend. She immediately sent me the store application via Facebook and told me that if I filled that out and brought it to the store when she was working, she’d easily be able to get me a position. Needless to say, I was super excited!! And super thankful, of course! She says she works Fridays and Saturdays every week, and that her schedule never changes, so I’m welcome to stop by anytime.

Thanks again Darlene! I’m going to work on my resume, fill out that application, and I’ll see you again soon!

Week XIII Artist Interview- Marty Knop

I’ve mentioned before in my blogs that I really enjoy abstract, geometric art that has colors and patterns, especially when they’re printed. And this week, Marty Knop’s gallery had nothing but exactly that.

In his artist statement, Knop says that he focuses on patterns and randomness. He creates his art through a computer program that uses algorithms to make mathematical patterns. This, he says, is the easy part. What’s difficult is creating “randomness,” because this isn’t something that a computer is programmed to do. Everything a computer does, whether it’s defined as “random” or not, is based on a mathematical formula. True randomness, Knop says, requires pure creativity from the artist.

With the balance of pattern and randomness that Knop achieved in these prints, he was able to create unique geometric shapes that he then colored with vibrant stripes and fine patterns. This seems to give the large posters dimension, even though they are undoubtedly two-dimensional. This kind of art is definitely a kind of statement piece I’d like to hang up in my living room when I have a home someday. It’d bold and tastefully playful, like everything else I look forward to!

Week 13

Week XII Classmate Interview- Mukesh Sehdev

This week I had a brief conversation with classmate Mukesh Sehdev! I had actually met him before at the very beginning of the semester during one of our first Thursday class periods. I remember him being very talkative, and to no surprise, he’s still his uniquely humorous self!

I sat down at his opposite end at the stone table behind all the art galleries. Mukesh was speaking with another girl when I had seated myself, working on my notecard, but he turned to address me as soon as he was out of his other conversation. He said he had recognized me from the beginning of the year when we had first met, but that he never got an opportunity to actually interview me. I was a little surprised that he had remembered me, so I was excited to speak with him again!

Mukesh was definitely still super talkative and is down-to-earth in a silly, quirky way. He was trying to explain to me that sometimes, the instructions for the assignments in this class are so vague that he’s left with so many questions that it drives him crazy! I interjected to say that I like how flexible Professor Zucman is, giving us the freedom to interpret the assignments in any way we want and to produce something so creative and uniquely ours. That’s what art is supposed to be like, in my opinion! “Art” is not a painting, a song, a movie, or a sculpture, but a creative process.

I thought that I had worded my expression of how I felt about Art 110 in a very understandable and agreeable way, but Mukesh looks at me with a puzzled, shifted eyebrows and his hands on his temples. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his animated character. Don’t worry Mukesh! Just have fun in this class like the rest of us, and you’ll do just fine!!